atmosphere customized solutions

You are seeking to create an optimal relaxing and healing environment as part of an hospital or clinic. 
You are seeking for an immersive media experience for your patients. atmosphere media collaborates with your professional team to develop a unique content concept that fulfills your objectives.


The most innovative visual platform

atmosphere combines premium content and technology in the most unique way in the Healthcare 
environment today. Our technical know-how and our content creation skills guaranty that your vision 
will become reality.

Unique content in Super High Vision

atmosphere is worldwide a leading Super High Vision content producer with unique film productions 
beyond 8K resolution. With atmosphere Super High Vision immersive nature films you are not only watching a scene, you are part of every moment. The picture is richer and livelier than ever before.

Unique filming production tools

atmosphere develops Super High Vision Multi-Cameras-Arrays allowing filming in unprecedented quality. 
The customizable multi camera rigs technology allows productions in the highest resolution for any 
film formats.

True Audio reproduction

The atmosphere audio production team are experts in the reproduction of high-end true audio. The 
production starts with the setting of complex microphone arrangements combining all great analogue gears from the last 50 years with modern digital equipment. Mixing is done together with the final film composition to achieve a most realistic impression of the original sound. Final mixing can be stereo, surround or wave-field-synthesis.

atmosphere makes the vision becomes reality

atmosphere develops each customized concept as an individual philosophy, the vision, the location, 
the culture and the media technologies that will be used to create an authentic and stunning media 

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