4K multi screen solution

The atmosphere multi screen solution is a professional immersive solution in 4K resolution for larger video wall installations with four displays.

Professional media installation with a clinical objective

Create a calming environment for patients with immersive “slow movement” content from atmosphere. 
Stress reduction is more and more seen as being integral to good health and atmosphere is increasingly 
finding application in waiting rooms, delivery rooms, postoperative wards and in other areas of the 
healthcare industry.


Exclusive 4K content

To receive the atmosphere 4K immersive library and all its updates, clients must subscribe to atmosphere on a yearly subscription basis.


The subscription includes:

  • the complete atmosphere films library to date and all upcoming films

  • 100 immersing films with a duration of 15 minutes each

  • atmosphere media player© application with all features

  • automatic software updates at no extra charge

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Video Wall: The standard requirement for the atmosphere 4K multi screen solution are 4 HD displays for a 4K native resolution of 4320×1920 pixels (21:9 ratio). We recommend the use of professional displays that are build to be installed in portrait format.
Computer Hardware: professional solution with professional hardware. The atmosphere 4K multi screen solution is based on the Apple Mac Pro 6-Core computer (late 2014) or higher. The operating system is OS X El Capitan or newer.

atmosphere media player©: the atmosphere player has been developed for high-end media installations in spas, demanding the highest video and audio quality within a Plug & Play system capable of online download and administration*. The atmosphere media player© is able 
to play simultaneously multiple video channels to display the atmosphere content in 4K Definition. All channels are frame accurate synchronized and fully encrypted.

*Optional: All features can be remotely controlled by the atmosphere iPad Controller available 
in the Apple App Store.

Reference – Testimonial

Dr. Thorsten Pletz, Dental Centrum Dusseldorf, Germany

“The atmosphere installation offers a calming and relaxing ambience for our patients and staff, moments of holiday feeling. We are very satisfied with the system in our waiting room. We have installed atmosphere one year ago and we also use the system for the presentation of numerous lectures in our dental center. Our patients have, besides the admiration for the installation, often described the very positive relaxing effect of the films.“

Installation: Mac Pro 6-Core, 4 x Samsung 55” HD Professional Display. Audio: Bowers & Wilkins AM1 system. atmosphere 4K multi screen 4320×1920 Pixels.

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