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Reduce patient anxiety with atmosphere

Patients who enter a clinic, a medical or dental practice may be anxious about the outcome 
and the procedure itself. atmosphere is a calming and stress-relieving visual platform for clinics, 
waiting rooms, medical and dental practices. atmosphere is showing the most realistic impressions of nature in a relaxing and immersive way, specifically produced to help patients to calm down.


Providing relaxing entertainment for successful healthcare delivery

atmosphere takes patients on a journey through beautiful and dreamy landscapes; waterfalls, 
ocean waves or deserts creating a unique and calming experience. Health professionals realize 
that reducing stress by providing comforting and relaxing entertainment is integral to successful 
healthcare delivery.

Visual platform with a clear clinical objective

The atmosphere immersive films are carefully selected to:
– Reduce patient´s stress level.
– help slowing down the pulse rate and stabilizing breathing.
– Improve communication effectiveness between medical staff and patient.
– Lessen the need for sedatives.


Reproducing nature in the highest film and audio quality


The atmosphere films are created to stimulate the cognitive perception of the viewer and to trigger the same psycho-physiological relaxation response as an experience of real nature. These immersive films can achieve these beneficial results by showing a reproduction of nature so realistic that patients can experience and automatically respond as if they were being exposed to the actual scene they are watching and hearing.

The atmosphere “Slow Movement” immersive nature films

The atmosphere films are produced in the atmosphere “Slow Movement” technique with state of the art resolution quality in 6K and with a very high frame rate, 96 fps. This deceleration of life technique minimizes the unnatural frame effect on the eyes and has a therapeutic effect by leading the patient into a tranquil and well-being mood.

Unique stress-relieving visual platform

The calming and soothing results created by an atmosphere installation is ideal for use in different areas of the healthcare sector and can be adapted to different patient groups.

Waiting Rooms: Creating an optimal calming and stress-relieving atmosphere to improve communication effectiveness between medical staff and patient.

Dental Treatment Rooms: Dental anxiety is a common phenomenon. The atmosphere slow movement content is produced to help patients to calm down.

Delivery rooms: Creating a birth friendly environment, a calming and stimulating ambience 
for the benefit of women in labour, their families and the medical staff.

Relaxing rooms: for hospitals and psychiatric wards, creating a comforting room where patients 
can relax from negative external stressors watching immersive slow movement films of nature.

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